The normalisation and development of Turkey's relations with its 'most distant' neighbour Armenia is the aim of the Foundation. The Foundation's work in this field is based on the principle that can be described as 'the border first opens in our minds'. As the Hrant Dink Foundation, we encourage direct contact in all fields between the two countries in collaboration with the civil society of both countries, independent of the political developments. We believe that civil society is the real determining element in the dynamics of the relations and we foresee the consolidation of this civic pressure. 

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The Hrant Dink Foundation launches the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant with a view to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries. 

Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme was launched by the Hrant Dink Foundation in 2014 with a view to promote cross-border affiliation and cooperation of professionals from the two neighbouring countries.

Since 2009, the Hrant Dink Foundation has been implementing Turkey-Armenia Journalists' Dialogue Programme to strengthen ties between journalists from Turkey and Armenia.

Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process: Stage Two (ATNP2) is a programme implemented by a Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey with the financial assistance of the European Union.

An Armenia-Turkey Expert Dialogue Group has been initiated in order to build on the civil society momentum and to prepare a list of confidence building measures aiming at the normalisation of relations between the two neighbours.

A Consortium of eight civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey announces a Call for Proposals for the Sub-grant Scheme within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant, administered by the Hrant Dink Foundation, continues to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries.

Building upon the experiences from the Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme implemented between 2014-2017, Hrant Dink Foundation designed a shorter-term fellowship opportunity.

We are happy to announce the list of fellows and their host organisations within the framework of the Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme in its fourth cycle, organised by the Hrant Dink Foundation.

Vedat Akçayöz, Turkey-Armenia Travel Grantee, who travelled to Armenia for his research on the ruins of Ani and the border villages: I say, "Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!". Going beyond borders happens in people's brains.

Arpenik Atabekyan fellow from Turkey-Armenia Fellowship Scheme and Yaşar Adanalı from host organisation Center for Spatial Justice - Beyond Istanbul, talked about programme and shared their experiences. 

Discover the opportunities for cooperation and enjoy going beyond borders. Individuals and groups from Armenia and Turkey are supported for their visit to neighbouring country. Deadline for this terms is October 1st, 2018.