Come, let us first understand each other...
Come, let us first respect each other’s pain...
Come, let us first let one another live…
Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink’s dream

is a Turkey and a world 
that is more free, more just,
more happy, more hopeful
for everyone

a Turkey and a world,
that is free from
discrimination, racism and violence

a Turkey and a world
where we listen to each other,
share one another’s pain and grief,
and work toward preventing new pain

a Turkey and a world
where we can be different
without being turned into 'the other'
and remain as one with our differences

a Turkey and a world,
where everyone feels like a 'human being'

Hrant Dink’s struggle

pure love,
uncalculated sincerity,
courage (which also involves being afraid),
giving 'life' its worth,
and generating hope

Hrant Dink’s language

is a language of peace and conscience,
which, through the choice of novel terms,
dislodges all cliches learned by rote,
transforms cultures of conflict,
disrupts our certainties with childlike innocence,
and invites us to open up our minds and our hearts
so that we can get to know each other 
without intermediaries or prejudice

Hrant Dink’s heart

with its belief in and love for
and humanity
is a vast ocean
that embraces us all 

Hrant Dink Foundation

was set up in 2007 to carry on Hrant’s dreams, Hrant’s struggle, Hrant’s language and Hrant’s heart.
The Foundation defines the development of a culture of dialogue, empathy and peace as the basis of all its activities, which concentrate on the following areas:

  • working toward equal opportunity among children and young people, and supporting their creativity,
  • ensuring that cultural diversity is recognised as a richness and differences are acknowledged as a right,
  • developing cultural relations among the peoples of Turkey, Armenia and Europe,
  • supporting Turkey’s democratization process,
  • supporting efforts to write histories devoid of nationalism and racism,
  • gathering articles, photographs, and documents about Hrant Dink.

Hrant Dink Foundation will undertake multifaceted activities in these areas, such as publishing books, creating archives, organizing summer schools, organizing film, music, visual arts, dance and literature festivals, and giving awards in memory of Hrant Dink.