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With more than 6,000 books in its collections, the Hrant Dink Foundation Library was formed based on the initial collections of the books that were gathered under the roof of the Hrant Dink Foundation.

Beirut’s Haigazian University has donated several titles to the Hrant Dink Foundation Library in May. Among the books are houshamadyans - memory books, that are considered to be among the main sources of Armenian Studies.

Books of the Gomidas Institute cover a great range of topics in the Armenian Studies, the titles include translations and original research, monographs, edited books, literature, memories and much more.

Visitors of the Hrant Dink Foundation Library can benefit from all the material and digital resources at the premises of the Library. You can become a member of the library if you want to borrow books.

Compiled by Asulis Laboratory, the collection offers the works of prominent writers in the field to scholars, students and independent researchers working on discourse and discrimination.

Songs, lullabies, fables and even the everyday habits as they are were going to be forgotten... If people like Hrachya Adjarian did not keep the record of the culture, by that transferring the heritage to the coming generations.

We share here highlights from the collections of the Hrant Dink Foundation Library. We start by introducing some of the books on Sivas from the Library. Sivas has a prominent place in the Armenian history and culture.