Hrant Dink Foundation perceives the field of history as the platform where the past can be confronted, and a different future based on a conscientious and peaceful language can be created. Projects on both Armenian history and the history of Turkey are prepared with the aim of philosophically and ethically approaching the writing of history from outside the official discourse. This approach takes into consideration the bond between the living being and its natural living space. Departing from the experience of this living being, it aims to render history not a frozen and distant strip of time but a part of our awareness in the present.

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As Hrant Dink Foundation, we are conducting a preparatory process in order to carry out more systematic and better services such as library, archive for our historical and cultural studies that we have been carrying out.

The primary objective of the project titled HDV Minority Rights Academy is to protect and promote minority rights, fundamental rights and freedoms, and the rule of law in Turkey.

The international conference titled 'Minority Rights in the Centennial of the Republic' was held in Istanbul on November 17-18, 2023. You can watch the papers presented at the conference, which attracted great interest, on this page.

In this episode of "Azınlık Hâlleri," we discussed the Treaty of Lausanne and minority rights our guest Baskın Oran.

The application process for the academy program of the 'HDV Minority Rights Academy' project has started! We welcome applications from everyone who is interested in and who has carried out different studies on the field of minority rights!

The Hrant Dink Foundation will organize a conference titled ‘Minority Rights in the Centennial of the Republic’ on November 17-18, 2023 in Istanbul. The conference seeks to analyze the rights of minorities, their problems and the solutions to these problems.

An international conference titled “Istanbul 1914-1922: War, Collapse, Occupation, and the History of Resistance” was held at the Hrant Dink Foundation on November 4-5, 2022 with the participation of academics, researchers, students, as well as those interested in history.

The Jury of the Fund selected four projects to be awarded which aims to support the researches on 1915, with a particular focus on the ongoing legacies of the human consequences, its trans-generational traces and the different modes of remembering.

The Fund for the Support of Historical Research aims at promoting and supporting research on 1915, with a particular focus on scrupulous acts of conscience.The deadline for submission is 22 October 2021.

This book is a product of the oral history study that has been conducted within the scope of the History Program since 2011. In the book, which constitutes the 7th volume of the Sounds of Silence series, 12 of the interviews with Armenians from Kınalıada.

Oral history studies give various information ranging from what Armenians from Anatolia have shared, to traditions, from languages to food and many more.

The exhibition ‘Coulisse: Hagop Ayvaz, A Chronicler of Theater’ has been brought to life by the guidance of Hrant Dink Foundation with the collaboration of the Theatre Foundation of Turkey and Yapı Kredi Culture, Arts and Publishing.

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