The normalisation and development of Turkey's relations with its 'most distant' neighbour Armenia is the aim of the Foundation. The Foundation's work in this field is based on the principle that can be described as 'the border first opens in our minds'. As the Hrant Dink Foundation, we encourage direct contact in all fields between the two countries in collaboration with the civil society of both countries, independent of the political developments. We believe that civil society is the real determining element in the dynamics of the relations and we foresee the consolidation of this civic pressure. To this end, it is our main target to increase direct contact and mobility between the two countries, the formation of common working areas in all fields and the creation of initiatives for the further development of relations. A 'common language' can be formed with contacts and encounters between the peoples of the two countries, and therefore we particularly encourage Armenia's participation in all our projects in various fields.

The list of projects within the scope of Turkey - Armenia Programme;