Hrant Dink Foundation runs its activities in the Anarad Hığutyun Building since 2015 March.

The Anarad Hığutyun Sisters Union, was planned and founded by the Armenian Catholic Patriarch Bedros IX. Hasunian and began education by Sister Hadji Andonian in 1840’s with the aim of procuring especially the poor families’ daughters to devote themselves to religious life and give them proper education.

The central building of the union was constructed at Valide Çeşme Street of Pera. After establishing kindergartens, primary and high school level schools in Istanbul, the union began to undertake the task of education in Eastern provinces and Cilicia.

Pangaltı Anarad Hığutyun School of the Beyoğlu Anarad Hığutyun Armenian Catholic Sisters Monastery and School Foundation was opened in 1903. As the initial building was small and insufficient, the school moved to Ölçek Street No. 198 (at present Papa Roncalli Street) in 1915. During the primary years, the education given was at elementary and secondary school levels. In 1922-23 school-year the secondary section was closed. A kindergarten was opened in 1949. The school building was repaired in 1949, 1956 and in 1972. In 2004 the Board of Trustees of the foundation decided to suspend the education activities due to the lack in the number of students. The school had 12 teachers and 235 students between the years 1961-1964. In 1995, there were 54 students at the primary and 14 students at kindergarten.