The project, Empowering CSOs and sparking change for tackling discrimination and promoting diversity, is funded by the European Union, implemented by the Hrant Dink Foundation, collaboration with Olof Palme International Center and Istanbul Policy Center to support civil society actors who struggle against discrimination in Turkey. The scope of the project is to reinforce pluralism, multiculturalism and to support dialogue and democracy by prioritising a respectful discourse around all differences.

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You can reach the report of the online panel series “Civil Society Sharing Screen”, where we discuss the basic approaches, recent discussions in civil society here.

We met at the Hrant Dink Foundation Festival of Co-existence on July 2-3, 2022 at Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. You can watch the videos of the panels organized during the festival here.

You can watch our video to learn more about the organizations whose common goals are to struggle prejudice and carry out activities on memory and cultural heritage, gender, refugee rights, human rights, disability rights, and freedom of speech.

The workshop titled “Facilitation 101: Designing and facilitating impactful and human-centred gatherings” was held online on December 8, 2021 and led by Clinton du Preez from Anew.

Civil Society Sharing Screen panel series where we discussed current debates, necessities, and problems in the civil society was held between March-November 2021. The videos of the series consisting of 8 sessions are available for those who missed it and want to watch it again.

We discussed new and effective communication approaches for civil society organizations, corporate communication strategies, and how to develop a strong core target audience in Sven Gerst's session.

We talked about how to advocate for human rights in the European Union and why it is an interesting target for the activists at the workshop facilitated by Tommaso Nodari from Civil Rights Defenders.

We discussed new methods based on emphaty in order to build a dialogue free of polarization in the workshop which was held on 21 September. We searched different ways of communication trying persuasion or understanding methods.

You are invited to listen to the inspirational and unique stories of civil society organizations supported by the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Grant Program. #Ondemand ‘7 minutes with civil society’ is now on air.

We have discussed with the civil society workers how to use individual capacities in conflict resolution in the workshop facilitated by Dagmar Nolden and Cora Bieß of the Berghof Foundation and organized on January 25-26.

The third workshop on the co-existence was held with the facilitation of Linda Norris and Braden Paynter from International Coalition of Sites of Conscience on November 9,11 and 13.

Vandita Morarka, founder of CIVICUS member One Future Collective facilitated our workshop where participants discussed leadership with a feminist and inclusive perspective, on the October 14 and 16.

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