The second panel of the panel series titled "Different Approaches to Combating Disinformation" was held on December 6, 2022 at the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Havak Hall. 

The panel moderated by Yaman Akdeniz was held with the participation of Article 19, a human rights organization working for the defense and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide.

With the contribution of Zafer Kıraç, Mustafa Eren and Seçil Doğuç, the panel on the history of prisons and the discriminatory practices of the prison system in Turkey was held under the moderation of İdil Işıl Gül.

In the panel 'Combating Discriminatory Discourse: Theoretical Discussions & European Experience regarding Hate Speech Laws', the boundaries between freedom of expression and hate speech and European hate speech laws were discussed.

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