The Middle East Region Hate Speech Inclusive Discourse Meeting was held at the Hrant Dink Foundation with the collaboration of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience Europe on 20-21-22 July in Havak Hall.

We met at the Hrant Dink Foundation Festival of Co-existence on July 2-3, 2022 at Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center. You can watch the videos of the panels organized during the festival here.

You can watch our video to learn more about the organizations whose common goals are to struggle prejudice and carry out activities on memory and cultural heritage, gender, refugee rights, human rights, disability rights, and freedom of speech.

Civil Society Sharing Screen panel series where we discussed current debates, necessities, and problems in the civil society was held between March-November 2021. The videos of the series consisting of 8 sessions are available for those who missed it and want to watch it again.

You are invited to listen to the inspirational and unique stories of civil society organizations supported by the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Grant Program. #Ondemand ‘7 minutes with civil society’ is now on air.

We have discussed with the civil society workers how to use individual capacities in conflict resolution in the workshop facilitated by Dagmar Nolden and Cora Bieß of the Berghof Foundation and organized on January 25-26.

In the third talk of conceptual discussion series  held on January 22, 2018, moderated by Olcay Akyıldız, Feryal Saygılıgil and Alev Özkazanç discussed the relation of feminist and queer thought with discourse.

Moderated by Çiçek Tahaoğlu, women and LGBTI news editor at bianet, the panel was held with the participation of Pınar Büyüktaş from Association for Combating Sexual Violence, and Yıldız Tar from KAOS GL.

The report titled "Discriminatory Discourse in News Stories on Murders of Transgender Women" aims to explore discriminatory discourse against transgender people in terms of the way murders of transgender women are covered.

Under the moderation of Gülay Günlük-Şenesen, with the participation of Ulaş Bayraktar, Aslı Atay and Burcu Yakut Çakar, the representation of women in local governments is discussed with the perspective of gender equality.

Under the moderation of Feyza Akınerdem, Banu Güven, Emine Uçak Erdoğan and Melis Alphan discussed the represantation of women in media and their experiences as women journalists.

In the panel moderated by Itır Erhart, the experiences of women and LGBTIs and gender inequality in sports had been discussed with the participation of İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu, Pınar Öztürk and Nazlı Cabadağ.

With the contibution of Itır Erhart, Çiçek Tahaoğlu and Yıldız Tar, homophobic and transphobic discourse in the news and possible ways to increase non-discriminatory news examples were discussed.

With the contribution of alternative media platforms Cinsomedya, 5Harfliler and Reçel blog, the problem of discriminatory discourse against women and representation of women in the media were discussed.

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