Organized by ASULIS Discourse, Dialog, Democracy Laboratory under the auspices of Hrant Dink Foundation, the talk titled 'Discussing 'women's place in media with women journalists' was held on March 7, 2017 in Havak Hall. Before the talk, Feyza Akınerdem, who is the author of the discriminatory discourse report titled Representation of Women in Turkish Media: Newspaper and Internet Journalism, presented her report which analyzes the coverage of the stories in which women are perpetrators or the victims in terms of gender. 

Feyza Akınerdem moderated the talk and Melis Alphan, Emine Uçak Erdoğan and Banu Güven talked about their experiences as women journalists. 

Stating the male authors deal with women’s problems as if it is a social responsibility issue, Melis Alphan said that female authors, as the ones who really internalized those problems, produce women news more honestly. 

Emine Uçak Erdoğan said that all agencies and newspapers produce similar stories regardless of their views when the issue is women and stated that women are used as a material for getting hits, since news has become a commercial item now. 

Talking about the problem of using images with women for getting hit and rating, Banu Güven argued that women journalists should found an initiative and there is a need for media ethics institutions consisting of women.