Max Sivaslian, Oliver Blume,
Özcan Yurdalan, Tolga Sezgin


Turkish, English, Eastern Armenian

1st edition - December 2009
295 Pages
12 TL

The first of Hrant Dink Foundation agendas that will be prepared within the framework of a new theme each year and in Turkish, Armenian and English, has been published.

Following 2009, during which the ‘stalemate’ lasting for years between Turkey and Armenia, had come to an end with the protocols signed by the two countries on 10th October; since it was expected that contact would increase and perhaps the closed borders would open, Armenia was chosen as the theme for 2010. The agenda invites the reader to see Armenia with different eyes; an Armenia not quite known in Turkey and, also with the affect of the rupture continuing for decades, always trying to be understood according to certain stereotypes. The agenda’s aim is not to draw a complete picture about Armenia but to present information rather to act as clues regarding the social, political, economic, cultural structure and the daily life. Thus it intends to make a modest contribution to close the distance between the two peoples described as “two close peoples” by Hrant Dink, i.e. the people of Turkey and the people of Armenia.

Each week of the year, the agenda briefly deals with a heading related to Armenia and all the topics are presented with colourful photographs that are the product of various objectives, beginning with the famous photographer Max Sivaslian.

The agenda includes the national holidays for Turkey and Armenia, the festivals and celebrations of the various ethnic and religious groups living in the two countries as well as different dialogues and words in the Eastern Armenian language put together on a weekly basis alongside their pronunciations and explanations for those wishing to communicate with Armenians even if with a limited knowledge of the language.

Book name
2010 Agenda - Armenia
12 TL
130 mm
165 mm
294 gr
1st edition - December 2009
Turkish, English, Western Armenian
Max Sivaslian, Oliver Blume, Özcan Yurdalan, Tolga Sezgin
Altuğ Yılmaz, Ararat Şekeryan, Aret Gıcır, Arzu Balcı, Aysun Babacan, Ayşe Berktay, Belinda Mumcu, Burcu Becermen, Delal Dink, Elif Kalaycıoğlu, Hanneke van der Heijden, Maral Aktokmakyan, Nazım Dikbaş, Neda Bebiroğlu, Pakrat Estukyan, Rober Koptaş, Sera Dink, Sevan Değirmenciyan, Talin Suciyan, Vahakn Keşişyan
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