Under the Bolis Institute, Hrant Dink Foundation has commenced the Minority Rights Academy Project, financially supported by the European Union, in 2023. The project's overall objective is to protect and promote democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms, and the rule of law in Turkey.

This project aims to support individuals belonging to ethnic, religious, and linguistic minority communities and civil society organizations fighting against discrimination by enhancing their access to minority rights. The primary target audience includes professionals working in CSOs, academics, legal experts, media representatives, advocates combating discrimination in the public sector, and individuals and organizations belonging to minority groups.

Spanning over four years, this project encompasses a variety of activities aimed at informing about minority rights, building skills and capacity, raising awareness, and building collaboration among different disciplines.

The main activities of the project include organizing an international conference to discuss national and international regulations concerning minority rights, international examples, and experiences on protection and implementation of the rights, the rights of indigenous people and minority rights policy in Turkey. Additionally, the project involves preparing a publication consisting of papers presented at the conference, producing podcasts on minority rights, preparing a report on the stances of political parties in Turkey regarding minority rights, conducting workshops aimed at increasing awareness and advocacy, establishing the Minority Rights Academy, and implementing a sub-grant program.

This project is financed by the European Union.