As it is the case for all activities conducted within the Hrant Dink Foundation, the Hrant Dink Foundation Bolis Institute works to develop an approach to history within a philosophical and ethical approach free of nationalism, racism and sexism; to transform history from a frozen, distant slice of time into a part of our modern-day consciousness; to encourage communities to become acquainted with each other; to face the past and create a common memory; to embrace and maintain all the different cultures on these lands, not as objects of nostalgia but as a richness still alive today that will be passed down from generation to generation; and to forge a future that is not dominated by slogans, but which rests upon conscience and the language of peace.


The Hrant Dink Foundation Bolis Institute’s goal is to research and reveal the history of interactions between Turkey’s ancient people, and the cultural implications of these interactions, within a scientific, interdisciplinary and participatory approach; and in this way, to contribute to a pluralistic and democratic historiography.

By collaborating and forming academic connections with institutions and organizations sharing the same goal such as universities, institutes, centers, associations and civil society organizations, the Institute aims to contribute toward improving the quality of academic research, building bridges between researchers, training of new researchers, making Turkey’s multicultural heritage and intercultural interaction visible, creating a library and archive open to all, and transmitting Western Armenian from generation to generation.