In the podcast series titled 'Azınlık Hâlleri', questions such as "Who are minorities? How did minority rights emerge and evolve? What does it mean to be a minority in Turkey and worldwide? To what extent are minority rights part of the agenda for civil society in Turkey?" will be discussed with guest experts. In this podcast series, we will discuss historical and current developments in the field of minority rights, the socio-cultural lives of minorities in Turkey, and the activities related to minority rights in civil society with guest experts. Throughout the series, we will also listen to the stories and experiences of minorities in Turkey. We will cover topics such as minority rights policies at national and international levels, rights-based issues faced by minorities, proposed solutions to these problems, and methods of advocacy.

The 'Azınlık Hâlleri' podcast channel was prepared within the scope of the 'HDV Minority Rights Academy' project initiated in 2021. The academy aims to increase awareness about minority rights and promote advocacy while creating a convenient environment for generating new ideas and projects in this field.

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Episode Seven:
Freedom of Religion and Conscience and Minorities
Mine Yıldırım

In this episode of "Azınlık Hâlleri," we talked with Mine Yıldırım about freedom of religion and conscience and minorities. We discussed the freedom of religion and belief, how these concepts are addressed in international law, and the place of these concepts in Turkey.

Episode Six:
Minorities in Education Curriculum
Kenan Çayır

In this episode of "Azınlık Hâlleri," we discussed the right to education, how textbooks address the concept of minorities, the preparation of these textbooks, and the importance of inclusivity with our guest, Kenan Çayır.

Episode Five:
Minority Rights in Turkey
Turgut Tarhanlı

In this episode of "Azınlık Hâlleri," we discussed minority rights in Turkey with Turgut Tarhanlı. Under this topic, we examined the historical transformation of national legislation and the impact of the Treaty of Lausanne on the formation of the concept of minority rights in Turkey. We also touched upon the current trajectory of minority rights in Turkey and the influence of international law on this matter.

Episode Four:
Treaty of Lausanne and Minority Rights
Baskın Oran

In this episode of "Azınlık Hâlleri," we discussed the Treaty of Lausanne and minority rights our guest Baskın Oran. We talked about the scope, significance, and provisions of the Treaty of Lausanne.

Episode Three:
Western Europe and Minority Rights
Elçin Aktoprak

In this episode of 'Azınlık Halleri', we discussed minority rights in Western Europe with our guest Elçin Aktoprak. We explored how the concept of national minorities emerged and delved into the historical transformation of the rights of national minorities with different examples from Western Europe. Additionally, we evaluated the impact of international institutions like the European Union on minority rights.

Episode Two:
International Law and Minority Rights
Olgun Akbulut

In this episode of 'Azınlık Hâlleri', we discussed international law and minority rights with our guest Olgun Akbulut. We discussed how minority rights emerged, transformed with the age of nation-states, and examined the legislation on minority rights in international law, both within the United Nations and within Europe, up to the present day.

Episode One:
Who are Minorities?
Samim Akgönül

In this episode of Azınlık Hâlleri, we discussed the concept of minorities and how it has evolved with our guest Samim Akgönül. We talked about whether there is a commonly agreed definition in international law, the criteria for being a minority, and who the 'new minorities' are.

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