İdil Engindeniz


Turkish, English

November 2019
104 pages

In the four-month period covering January-February-March-April 2019, 1322 columns and news articles and 1591 hate speech items targeting national, ethnic and religious groups had been found.

In January-April 2019 period, issues like New Year celebration in Taksim, refugee boat sunk in the Aegean Sea (January 16), France’s declaration of April 24 as “Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day” (February 6), the anniversary of Khojaly Massacre (February 26), International Women’s Day (March 8), the US decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights (March 25), racist attacks in two mosques in New Zealand (March 15), March 31 local election, the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day (April 24) contributed to the generation of hate speech.

When a distribution per targeted groups is made, it is seen that Armenians have the largest number of hate speech items against them with 287 items. Jews follow them with 243 items and Syrians has the third place with 193 items. Christians with 172 items and Greeks 156 items follow them as the groups that are subjected to hate speech.

In the section where discourse targeting women and LGBTIs are analyzed, you can find qualitative analyses through a limited number of examples, which are selected with the purpose of exposing and questioning the patriarchal and heteronormative discourse which is rooted in journalism and used intentionally or unintentionally.

Please see the full report for accessing more detailed statistical data, a full list of 1591 items containing hate speech and example articles and columns.

Report name
Media Watch on Hate Speech Report January-April 2019
Original name
Medyada Nefret Söylemi İzleme Raporu Ocak-Nisan 2019
210 mm
295 mm
November 2019
Project Team
Emircan Saç, Gülbeyaz Sert, Funda Tekin, Serra Güvengez, Şeymaz Özkan,
İdil Engindeniz

Media Watch on Hate Speech Project is funded by European Endowment for Democracy and Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.

  • Introduction
  • About Media Watch on Hate Speech Project
  • Findings
  • Examples of hate speech
    • Yok öyle yağma! (No way!) - Yeniçağ
    • Bu zulmü durdurun! (Stop this cruelty!) - Yeni Akit
    • Küstah Fransız’a tarih dersi (History lesson to the insolent French) - Diriliş Postası
    • TÜRK CAN SURİYELİ CEP DERDİNDE! (Turks concern about the life, Syrians about the money) - Takvim
    • MÜLTECİLERE YUNAN ZULMÜ (Greek torment to refugees) - Yeni Asır
    • SUUDİ ZULMÜ (Saudi torment) - Yeni Mesaj
    • Göçmenlere İngiliz mezalimi (British torment to migrants) - Milat
    • RUMLARIN nüfus oyunu (Population scheme by Greeks) - Yenişafak
    • Hıristiyan terörü! (Christian terrorism!) - Adapazarı Akşam Haberleri
    • TÜRKİYE’NİN GÖZÜNDE OLMAYAN ÇÖPÜ GÖREN FRANSANIN ARDINDAKİ TREN RAYLARI (Rails behind France who sees the garbage that Turkey does not care about) - Yenigün
  • Other disadvantaged groups
    • Cinsel sapkınlık bir hak mıdır? (Is sexual perversion a right?) - Bursa Şehir
    • BİR KİŞİYİ BIÇAKLAYAN TRAVESTİLER KENDİLERİNİ ÇEKEN GAZETECİLERE TEPKİ GÖSTERDİ (Transvestites who stabbed a person reacted to journalists reporting)
      - Karaman Gündem
    • İsrail’in sürtük bakanı nefret kustu (Bitch Israeli deputy spread hatred) - Yeni Akit
  • Items found in national press during the period between January- April 2019
  • Items found in local press during the period between January-April 2019