International ‘Memorial’ Society has played an important role in the preservation and research of historical memory and has worked in the field of collective memory, protection of human rights, the rights of the political convicts, refugees, and migrants in Russia for many years. The 'Memorial' Society, which has been struggling against rights violations for more than 30 years, has been closed recently.

With the documentary 'Memory Scrubbing', which will be screened on February 17 at 19.30 (GMT+3), we will have the opportunity to learn closely about the advocacy work and struggle of the institution so far. After the screening, there will be an interview with Leonid Drabkin from OVD-Info operating in Russia to answer questions about the 2012 International #HrantDink Award laureate 'Memorial' Society, and Emma Sinclair Webb from Human Rights Watch, who will share her comments on the current state of civil space in Russia.

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*The event will be in English.