23.5 Hrant Dink Site of Memory celebrated its third anniversary on April 23.5, 2022, with a virtual tour in Turkish, Armenian, and English for visitors from Turkey and around the world. We invite you to visit the virtual tour and share your ideas and experiences in the 'Interaction Map' areas reserved for you. hrantdink.org/memorysitevirtualtour



What are the meanings of the icons in the virtual tour?

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How do I navigate and switch between rooms in the virtual tour?

If you are connecting to the virtual tour from your computer, you can move around the space with the forward-backward and right-left keys of your keyboard. If you wish, you can quickly switch to different rooms by clicking on the room names from the menu on the top right. You can also click on the Dollhouse and Floorplan icons in the lower-left corner, and click the spot you want to go on the three-dimensional model or the plan from the top.

You can zoom in on some of the pictures and photos that appear in the virtual tour by clicking on them.


What is Interaction Map and how do you use it?

You can access the interaction areas, which are also an important part of the physical memory site, where visitors can leave their feelings and thoughts by writing on cards, touch screens, drawing, or recording, during the virtual tour or on the Interaction Map. When you answer the questions related to the content in the virtual tour, you will see that your answer is registered on the interaction map, and you will be able to download a specially designed social media image for your every response. 

You can download the interaction map as a PDF to your computer, print it, and keep it as a souvenir. When you click on the gallery section, you can download your custom design responses to your computer or share them on your social media accounts with the applications on your mobile phone.


How can I leave a video or audio recording on the share screen in the Tırttava room?

You can easily use the video-sharing platform in the Tırttava room with Google Chrome. After allowing Google Chrome to use your camera for the website, you can enter your name and email information. Then you can record from your phone or on your computer for a maximum of 5 minutes. Your recording will be published after it has been evaluated by the admins.