As the Hrant Dink Foundation, we give special importance to participating in international conferences and workshops with the aim of benefiting from the expertise of experts and promoting our site of memory.  Within this framework, between the 3rd thru the 9th of July, 2016 we participated in the ICOM (International Committee of Museums) Conference in Milan, Italy. The International Committee of Memorial Museums in Remembrance of the Victims of Public Crimes was founded at the ICOM general meeting in 2001.

Within the scope of the panels organized by the IC-MEMO Committee, Nayat Karakose gave a presentation about the Hrant Dink Site of Memory to an audience consisting of representatives of museums and memory sites from Argentina, Russia, Chile, the USA and Europe. The participation in the conference enabled us to present the Hrant Dink Site of Memory and to exchange ideas with a range of professionals. The network of individuals made during the conference has opened up new avenues of cooperation.