The 23.5 Hrant Dink Site of Memory is envisaged to be a living and dynamic venue that promotes research and production. 
In addition to the activities organized within the scope of the visitor programs, 23.5 will also host a range of thematic workshops. Based on interaction and active participation, these workshops will focus on practices of remembrance, personal stories, Armenian culture and history, universal values such as democracy, human rights, peace and equality, and inspiring sites of memory and museums in different areas of the world.

Throughout the week of April 20-27, which also marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of the memory site, we will host various events based on Hrant Dink's article "23.5 April."

The participants will explore a range of memory sites, museums and memorials that deals with difficult pasts in different geographies. The workshop will address the importance of memory sites and their functions.