İdil Engindeniz Şahan

July 2017
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In the four-month period covering January-February-March-April 2017, 1806 columns and articles targeting national, ethnic and religious groups have been found. And 2335 hate speech items have been identified in these texts.

In January-April 2017 period, the central issue in print media was the constitutional referendum held on April 16. Along with the referendum, topics like ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’ carried out by Turkish Armed Forces in Al-Bab region of Syria, developments concerning the coup attempt on July 15, practices of State of Emergency and emergency decrees having the force of law, Cyprus talks held in Geneva in January, crises between Turkey and Greece over Kardak islets and Aegean islands, anniversary of Khojaly Massacre (February 26), Greek Cypriot parliament’s approval of the resolution that enables the commemoration of ‘Enosis’ (the referendum held in 1950 for annexing Cyprus to Greece), April 24 Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day, Syrian refugees who fled from their country because of the war and came to Turkey had a role in the rise of hate speech.

When a distribution per targeted groups is made, it is seen that Armenians have the largest number of hate speech items against them with 439 items. Syrians follow them with 433 items and Jews has the third place with 298 items. Christians with 210 items and Greeks with 198 items follow them as the groups that are subjected to hate speech.

In the section where discourse targeting women and LGBTIs are analyzed, you can find qualitative analyses through a limited number of examples, which are selected with the purpose of exposing and questioning the patriarchal and heteronormative discourse which is rooted in journalism and used intentionally or unintentionally.

Please see the full report for accessing more detailed statistical data, full list of 2335 items containing hate speech and example articles and columns.

Report name
Media Watch on Hate Speech Report January-April 2017
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Medyada Nefret Söylemi İzleme Raporu Ocak-Nisan 2017
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July 2017
Project Team
Pınar Ensari, Ezgi Kan, Merve Nebioğlu, Funda Tekin
İdil Engindeniz Şahan
Cansen Mavituna

Media Watch on Hate Speech Project is funded by Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Open Society Foundation and Istanbul Policy Center. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.

  • About Monitoring Hate Speech in The Media
  • Monitoring Hate Speech in National and Local Newspapers in Turkey
  • Hate Speech in Print Media
  • Findings
  • Examples Of Hate Speech
    • Greeks Don't Accept 7% / Greek Obstacle in Geneva - Milli Gazete
    • Deport Syrians! - Ortadoğu
    • Intimidation to the Greeks / Hulusi Akar Pasha's Unexpected Visit to Kardak - Korkusuz
    • 25th Anniversary of Khojaly Genocide - Ankara Anadolu Gazetesi
    • El Bab - Sözcü
    • What Kind Of A Father Is This - Korkusuz / Both Are Fathers! - Karadeniz
    • Unforgettable Pain - Ortadoğu
    • Christian Terrorism Is Disregarded / Terrorism Of Christians Is Ignored - Milat Gazetesi
    • Giaour Is Just Being Giaour! - Habertürk
    • Dangerous Tension / Syrians Have Beaten 3 People, The District Revolted - Korkusuz
    • Traditional Chp Tactic From Fascist Germans - Diriliş Postası
    • He Compared The Yes Voters To Greeks / Chp Went Crazy With The Fear Of Yes - Star
    • I Cannot Be A Captive In The Land Of Giaour - Sabah
    • Jews Foully Provoke The Hunger Strike - Bursa Şehir
  • Other Disadvantaged Groups
    • ‘Kırmızı Şemsiye’ Filed A Complaint, Press Advertisement Association Demanded Defence - Yeni Akit
    • We Are Here And Dare You To Come - Yeni Söz
    • ‘Ladies’ Trampled On The Dignity Of Wrestling!.. - Yeni Akit
    • The Best And Most Favorable Home - Milli Gazete
  • Items Found In National Press During The Period Between January And April 2017
  • Items Found In Local Press During The Period Between January And April 2017