Kevork Malikyan’s 50 years in art was celebrated on 13th and 15th October with various events.

An interview which was moderated by Yekta Kopan was made with Kevork Malikyan on 13th of October,  with the participation of his close friends and colleagues. The biographical interview of Malikyan titled Aktör Dediğin Nedir ki [Who is an Actor After All], published by Aras Publication House, was introduced to the readers.

On 14th of October, with the participation of Kevork Malikyan, Yeşim Ustaoğlu and Ayça Damgacı and the moderation of Tül Akbal a panel on ‘Making Films on Difficult Topics’ was organized at Havak Hall. All day long, movies and TV series that Malikyan took a role in were screened.

After the master-class with theatre students and artists, Malikyan signed his biographical interview book.

On 15th of October, close friend of Kevork Malikyan sociologist Hratch Tchilingirian introduced his friend Malikyan to the kids in Armenian. The introduction continued with a creative drama workshop for the ages between 7 and 15 in Turkish and Armenian.

The event series ended on 15th of October with an interview with Kevork Malikyan at Surp Haç Tıbrevank High School where he graduated from.