Since 2009, the Hrant Dink Foundation has been implementing Turkey-Armenia Journalists' Dialogue Programme to strengthen ties between journalists from Turkey and Armenia and to contribute to the establishment of direct and accurate channels of communication and news reporting across the two countries. We have the strongest belief that spending time in the neighbouring country plays a very crucial role in learning its people, culture and social and economic aspects, as well as creating stronger ties in terms of culture, tourism and professional cooperation between each other.

Each year, ten journalists from each of these two neighbouring countries, who contribute to different newspapers, television channels and online media, are invited to visit the neighbouring country and to take part in a specially-designated 1-week programme. Since its implementation, approximately 140 journalists have taken place in the programme in total. Thanks to the programme, the journalists pay their first ever visits to their neighbouring country, where they have face-to-face meetings with at least 15 different persons and organizations including their colleagues, media outlets, politicians, non-governmental organizations and members of academia.   

May 2017 - Armenia

December 2016 - Armenia

October 2016 - Armenia

November 2015 - Turkey

April 2015 - Turkey

April 2015 - Armenia

November 2014 - Turkey

July 2014 - Armenia

November 2013 - Turkey

February 2013 - Armenia

November 2012 - Turkey

May 2012 - Armenia

July 2011 - Armenia