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1st edition - January 2021
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This book examines many questions that have engaged our attention throughout our experience in ten years of media monitoring on hate speech for which the answers can only be grasped with the contributions of experts from various disciplines, such as freedom of expression and hate speech and the relationship between crime and speech; Turkey’s unchanging Others; types and severity of ethnic, religious and gender-based discrimination; social and historical reasons behind hate speech; the basis on which, and tools through which, a new language can be created; the observations of media watch studies under various themes; and how the whole issue looks from the perspective of journalism. 

All of the articles in this book put into a social and historical context the issue of hate speech to which the Hrant Dink Foundation has been pointing for ten years. Our wish is that these writings tackling hate speech and its various aspects from the perspectives of different disciplines will contribute to a deeper understanding of the issue, the fight against the language of hate, and a strengthening of our hopes for coexistence.

Tanıl Bora
İdil Engindeniz
Bekir Ağırdır
Faruk Bildirici
Elif İrem Az 
Pınar Ensari
Şeyma Özkan
Arus Yumul
Yıldız Tar
Ülkü Doğanay
Aras Türay
Rachel Brown
Laura Livingston
Book Title
Media and Hate Speech  
Perennial Questions, Current Debates


200 TL
Sayfa sayısı
15 mm
24 mm
1. baskı - Ocak 2021
Altuğ Yılmaz
Sarah Atkinson
Ayla J.Yackley, Ceylan G.Şahinkaya, Kate M.Ferguson
Yayına hazırlayan
Ebru Özdeş
Emircan Saç
Şeyma Özkan
Sera Dink
Graphic Application
Selin Hamzaoğlu
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Mas Matbaacılık

Media Watch on Hate Speech project is supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation ve the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hrant Dink Foundation is solely responsible for the content in the publication, which does not reflect the views of supporters.

  • Sunuş
  • Who will save you from the words?
    Tanıl Bora
  • Conceptual debates in the field of hate speech (does it matter?)
    İdil Engindeniz
  • The perception of the Other, discriminatory discourse and the role of hate speech in daily social life
    Bekir Ağırdır
  • Ten years of ombudsmen in Turkey’s media: The role of the reader representative in the fight against hate speech and discrimination
    Faruk Bildirici
  • Hate speech in Turkey’s print media: The experience of the Hrant Dink Foundation’s Media Watch on Hate Speech project
    E.İrem Az, Pınar Ensari, Şeyma Özkan
  • Hate speech in the print media of Turkey: A decade’s worth of data
    Şeyma Özkan
  • “The great chain of being” from religious worldview to secular nationalism
    Arus Yumul
  • In search of sentences with hidden subjects: LGBTI+ representation in the media
    Yıldız Tar
  • Polarisation strategies in media discourses of refugees: Examples from Turkey and abroad
    Ülkü Doğanay
  • Freedom of expression and combating hate speech
    Aras Türay
  • Counteracting hate and dangerous speech online: Strategies and considerations
    Rachel Brown, Laura Livingston
  • Index