The International Hrant Dink Award is presented annually at an award ceremony organised on Hrant Dink’s birthday, September 15th.

Each year the award is granted to two individuals, organisations or groups; one from Turkey and one from outside of Turkey. In addition to the award itself, after an annual scanning and reviewing process, the Award Committee makes a selection of individuals, institutions, organisations and initiatives that pursue activities in line with the principles of Hrant Dink Award and announces their names to the public during the award ceremony under the title of “Inspirations”.

The International Hrant Dink Award is presented to individuals, organisations and groups that give inspiration and hope to people for holding on to their struggle, that work for a more liberal and fair world free from discrimination, racism and violence, who take personal risks for achieving those ideals, who break the stereotypes and use the language of peace.

With this award, the International Hrant Dink Foundation aims to remind to all those who struggle for these ideals that their voices are heard, their works are visible, that they are not alone as well as to encourage entire humanity to fight for their ideals.

The nominees for the International Hrant Dink Award are either determined by the Award Committee according to the results of the respective annual screening process and/or can be nominated by other individuals, organisations or institutions. Self-nominations will not be taken into consideration.

The award logo is designed by Bülent Erkmen and the award trophy by Erdağ Aksel and all rights are reserved by the International Hrant Dink Foundation. The award music, Dry Road, is composed by Arto Tunçboyacıyan.