The Award Committee has three main tasks, respectively;

  1. To search for, examine and make a compilation of award nominees to be forwarded to the International Jury; to act as the secretariat of the Jury.
  2. To propose members and the chairperson of the International Jury to the Board of Directors and to propose replacements/renewals when necessary
  3. To coordinate the organisational aspects of the award, manage the finances and the logistics, organise the ceremony.

If it finds necessary, the Award committee can establish additional awards other than the International Hrant Dink Award. In this case, the Committee shall set up the necessary bodies as well as the juries of such additional awards.


Ayşe Kadıoğlu
Chairman - Award Committee

Ali Alper Akyüz
Sibel Asna
Zeynep Arslan
Kerem Çiftçioğlu
Delal Dink
Nayat Karaköse
Gülten Kaya
Çiğdem Mater
Deniz Ezgi Sürek
Zeynep Taşkın
Aylin Vartanyan
Emma-Sinclair Webb

Zeynep Sungur