KarDes mobile app brings together the multicultural history and memory of Izmir with the newly added Armenian Quarter, Frank Quarter, Karataş, Kemeraltı, Kordon and Punta tours! With the new Izmir tours on KarDes, you can discover the stories of the locals and the structures, and witness the change and transformation of the neighborhoods. 

With 10 to 15 stops, the memory tours last an average of two hours and are narrated in Turkish by Emine Kolivar, Erdem Şenocak, Forti Barokas, Jaklin Çatal, Şerif Erol and Yeğya Akgün, and in English by Ayla Jean Yackley, Kevork Malikyan and Simon Johns.

Ayia Fotini Greek Church, Bene Berit School, Bet Israel Synagogue, Dedeyan Printing House, Armenian Hunters Club, Hampartzum Han, Ispartalıyan Mansion, Karataş Cortejos, Panionios Stadium, Pathe Cinema and Prokopp Brewery are just a few of the many stops that bear traces of Izmir's multilayered memory. You can discover these and many other stops on the streets of İzmir or at home with KarDes.

In addition to memory tours, you can also access the cultural heritage inventory of Izmir’s mosques, churches, synagogues, cem houses, monasteries, schools and cemeteries on the Discover page of the app.

With KarDes, which offers a dynamic narrative with nearly 70 oral history interview videos, you can listen to the stories of Alliance School, Asansör, Basmane Station, Havra Street, Kordon's cafes and Kültürpark from Izmir locals.


What is KarDes?

KarDes is a mobile application designed as a personal tour guide in Turkish and English languages for users who wish to discover the multicultural legacy and multilayered fabric of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. 

KarDes, which aims to make visible unknown sites in well-known neighborhoods and allows their stories to be told, offers over 30 memory tours, each lasting an average of two hours and reveals the multicultural pasts of various areas. Users can access the alternative history narratives of cities with neighborhood tours and thematic tours consisting of selected stops on specific topics. With this application, KarDes users can discover a cultural inventory consisting of close to one thousand sites such as mosques, churches, synagogues, schools, and cemeteries. As they walk along routes that make this multicultural legacy visible, they can hear hidden stories of the cities, told by well-known artists.

Aiming to make visible the urban and social memory which has been on the verge of extinction, KarDes offers excerpts from neighborhood talks and oral history interviews, providing the opportunity for users to listen to the stories of these neighborhoods and their transformations from the voices of residents. With around 70 oral history interviews, KarDes presents the stories of sites in various neighborhoods through a dynamic narrative.


You can click here to download KarDes: Multicultural Memory Tour Guide app for free.