Hrant Dink Foundation perceives the field of history as the platform where the past can be confronted, and a different future based on a conscientious and peaceful language can be created. Projects on both Armenian history and the history of Turkey are prepared with the aim of philosophically and ethically approaching the writing of history from outside the official discourse. This approach takes into consideration the bond between the living being and its natural living space.

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As Hrant Dink Foundation, we are conducting a preparatory process in order to carry out more systematic and better services such as library, archive for our historical and cultural studies that we have been carrying out.

Scholars from National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia visiting Istanbul as part of Hrant Dink Foundation’s Turkey-Armenia Programme will be discussing the history and current trends of Armenian architecture.

With the participation of Rob Perks and Mary Stewart, third panel of Archiving the Memory project will discuss oral history methodology, family histories, digital archiving, ethical issues and faced challenges.

The workshop, led jointly by Rob Perks and Mary Stewart will cover the practical, technical and ethical issues around the selection, collection and description of oral history and other recorded personal testimony and spoken word.

History and Memory Research Fund, created with the kind assistance of Dr. Alper Öktem in 2010 aimed at promoting and supporting research geared towards revealing scrupulous acts of conscience during the 1915 events.

The purposes of these workshops are to facilitate discussion about topics related to the Armenian Studies such as Armenian history and culture and to strengthen the dialogue among researchers.

Two distinct institutions, National Library of Armenia from Yerevan and Haigazian University from Beirut, that were in Istanbul for the first time, discussed whether it is possible to overcome geographical distances through digital connections.

The conference dealing with Izmir and the region's social, economic and cultural change between 1850 and 1950 took place on 24-25 November 2017, in Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center in Izmir. You can watch the presentation videos here.

Dr. Antranik Dakessian, for the first time in Istanbul, will be talking on history of the Armenian community in Lebanon on the 10th of January, Wednesday at Hrant Dink Foundation - Havak Hall. Everyone is welcome to share this experience.

Dr. Boris Adjemian’s talks about AGBU Nubar Library’s founding process, the archival and book collections, current projects, its connection to Ottoman studies and explains how researchers can have access.

Dr. Boris Adjemian talks on Ethiopia Armenians, the history of the community, the migrations from the Ottoman Empire, the case of the orphans orchestra and the more recent situation of the community.

Everyone is invited to the presentation of Dr. Boris Adjemian, the director of this prominent institution, who is going to present on the history and archive of the AGBU Nubar Library.