Scholars from National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia visiting Istanbul as part of Hrant Dink Foundation’s Turkey-Armenia Programme will be discussing the history and current trends of Armenian architecture on a panel.

Moderator: Lory Zakar Architect

Assoc. Prof. Emma Harutyunyan - Overview of development of Armenian Architecture: from prehistoric times to XIII century

The presentation will cover the following topics: Prehistoric architecture, Urartian period, Hellenistic heritage, Christian architecture, particularly the early Medieval period (IV-VII centuries) and Armenian Renaissance (X-XIII centuries).

Assoc. Prof. Zaruhi Mamyan - Modern Armenian architecture

The difference of formation of Armenian modern architecture will be presented starting from the origins of modern architecture with its gradual development up to trends shaping the current image of modern Armenian cities.

Date: 13 February 2018, Tuesday
Time: 18.30
Venue: Hrant Dink Foundation, Havak Hall

The presentation will be in English. Simultaneous translation into Turkish will be available.
The discussion will be broadcast live on Facebook.

Assoc. Prof. Emma Harutyunyan is a PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor, Head of the Chair of Theory of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. She is an outstanding professional with more than 20 years of lecturing experience. Author of numerous scientific articles and two monographs and participant of a number of international conferences. She is a member of international jury in the framework of graduate works contests. As a practitioner - an author of residential and public buildings. Member of ICOMOS and Armenian Union of Architects.
Assoc. Prof. Zaruhi Mamyan is the head of Urban Planning Department of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. She acts as the  head of projects of department of Master Plan of Yerevan Municipality "Yerevan project".

This activity is organised by the Hrant Dink Foundation
in partnership with Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre
with the support of the UK Government's Conflict, Stability and Security Fund