Hrant Dink Foundation perceives the field of history as the platform where the past can be confronted, and a different future based on a conscientious and peaceful language can be created. Projects on both Armenian history and the history of Turkey are prepared with the aim of philosophically and ethically approaching the writing of history from outside the official discourse. This approach takes into consideration the bond between the living being and its natural living space.

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Hrant Dink Foundation will be organizing a scientific conference titled ‘İzmir and the Region: A Century of Social, Economic and Cultural Change, 1850 - 1950’ in İzmir on 24-25 November 2017.

Prof. Ronald Grigor Suny, gave a lecture series titled on 'Armenians and Armenia in the Age of Extremes' at Hrant Dink Foundation with the support of Gulbenkian Foundation and Sivil Düşün.

As Hrant Dink Foundation, we are conducting a preparatory process in order to carry out more systematic and better services such as library, archive for our historical and cultural studies that we have been carrying out.

The academic meeting titled 'The Social, Cultural and Economic History of Van and the Region' organised by Hrant Dink Foundation held on November 11-12, 2016 in Havak Hall, Istanbul.

The Fund for the Support of Historical Research, created with the kind assistance of Dr. Alper Öktem in 2010 aimed at promoting and supporting research geared towards revealing scrupulous acts of conscience.

The Hrant Dink Foundation and Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society organized an international conference entitled ‘Critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in the 21st Century: Fragility, Resilience and Transformation’.

The conference titled ‘A Civilization Destroyed: The Wealth of Non-Muslims in the Late Ottoman Period and the Early Republican Era’ organized by Hrant Dink Foundation in cooperation with Bogazici, Bilgi and Sabanci Universities.

The fourth book of the 'Sounds of Silence' series has been published with the support of Consulate General of Sweden. İzmit’s Armenians Speak, is a product of the oral history project carried out since 2011 by Hrant Dink Foundation.

The History and Memory Research Fund, will also support research on the traces of the events of 1915 and their memory on subsequent generations and the different ways of remembering.

The Oral History Project, which is run by Hrant Dink Foundation with the contribution of Olof Palme Center since 2011, has been concluded for this year. The focus of this year was on Ankara’s Armenians.

The Conference on Islamized Armenians, which is organized by Hrant Dink Foundation with the cooperation of Boğaziçi University History Deparment and MalatyaHAYDer and with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The Support Fund for Research in History Studies, promotes research on humanitarian acts during the 1915 events, with the aim to search and find people who with their decisions back then have become a source of hope for darkened lives.