ASULIS Discourse, Dialogue, Democracy Laboratory

Carrying the Media Watch on Hate Speech Project of the Hrant Dink Foundation which has been continuing since 2009 a step further, ASULIS is the first social sciences laboratory in Turkey that struggles against discrimination, works on discourse studies and supports the efforts carried out in this field. Aspiring to be a pioneering, innovative and interdisciplinary structure, it confronts discrimination and discriminatory discourses in various contexts and create a space that serves human rights, democratization, equality and pluralism.


In the second talk of conceptual discussion series, moderated by Murat Cankara, Sibel Irzık and Seval Şahin discussed the relationship between literature and discourse.

In the first talk of conceptual discussion series, moderated by Nur Betül Çelik, Nazlı Ökten and Ferda Keskin discussed the notion of discourse and the relationship between discourse and politics.

The findings concerning printed press in Turkey between May-August 2017 and the discriminatory discourse report, 'Giaour' Discourse in Print Media was presented with a panel discussion moderated by İdil Engindeniz.

Moderated by Çiçek Tahaoğlu, women and LGBTI news editor at bianet, the panel was held with the participation of Pınar Büyüktaş from Association for Combating Sexual Violence, and Yıldız Tar from KAOS GL.

The report titled "Giaour Discourse in Print Media" examines how the word ‘giaour’ is used in a context within which non-Muslim identities are associated with mercilessness, cruelty and enmity.

Within October 2-8, 2017, four news articles that generate hate speech had been selected for the weekly report. These articles generating hate speech against Serbians, Christians and Syrians are analyzed.

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