ASULIS Discourse, Dialogue, Democracy Laboratory

Carrying the Media Watch on Hate Speech Project of the Hrant Dink Foundation which has been continuing since 2009 a step further, ASULIS is the first social sciences laboratory in Turkey that struggles against discrimination, works on discourse studies and supports the efforts carried out in this field. Aspiring to be a pioneering, innovative and interdisciplinary structure, it confronts discrimination and discriminatory discourses in various contexts and create a space that serves human rights, democratization, equality and pluralism.


The report titled "Discriminatory Discourse in News Stories on Murders of Transgender Women" aims to explore discriminatory discourse against transgender people in terms of the way murders of transgender women are covered.

In the news discussion workshop held on 30 September 2017, the role of the media in the production of discriminatory discourse concerning refugees is discussed under the facilitation of Ülkü Doğanay.

Within October 2-8, 2017, four news articles that generate hate speech had been selected for the weekly report. These articles generating hate speech against Serbians, Christians and Syrians are analyzed.

The video made within the scope of Media Watch on Hate Speech project includes a selection of the news items that incites discrimination and hatred against Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Media watch report covering the January-April 2017 period and including quantitative and qualitative analyses of instances of hate speech against national, ethnic and religious identities is published.

Compiled by Asulis Laboratory, the collection offers the works of prominent writers in the field to scholars, students and independent researchers working on discourse and discrimination.

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