ASULIS Discourse, Dialogue, Democracy Laboratory is the first social sciences laboratory in Turkey that struggles against discrimination, works on discourse studies and supports the efforts carried out in this field.

From its first days, Hrant Dink Foundation had projects of cultural heritage in different parts of Turkey. Creative and Adaptive Reuse of Sites of Memory is the new project that is being carried out.

Having an important place in the memory of the public, Tthe previous office of Agos Weekly in the Sebat Building, which also includes Hrant Dink's office is being converted to a memory site.

Hrant Dink Foundation perceives the field of history as the platform where the past can be confronted, and a different future based on a conscientious and peaceful language can be created.

The normalisation and development of Turkey's relations with its 'most distant' neighbour Armenia is the aim of the foundation. The foundation's principle in this field is based on the idea that "The border first opens in our minds".

The Hrant Dink Foundation aims not only to protect Western Armenia as a cultural wealth, but also as a living language, transmitting it to new generations by means of teaching techniques adapted to the living and changing world.